Åbo Svenska Teater (the Swedish speaking theatre in Turku) is a traditional repertoire theatre. We have lots of different performances in our repertoire; plays, musicals, drama, concerts, dance performances, comedy and more. Most of our productions are performed in Swedish. We usually have surtitles both in Finnish and Swedish.


GESAMTKUNSTWERK Finland´s national epos in a new, fresh and exciting way! Our version of Kalevala mixes music theatre with puppetry and combines Kalevala metre with new lyrics. Kalevala consists of funny, poignant, beautiful, melancholic, supernatural stories for adults: stories of the creation of earth, of heroes getting torn apart, of meaning and happiness, of rakes and honey bees and of a whole lot of lingonberries. Opening night on the Main stage 19.9.2019 at 7 pm.


BJÖRKMUSEN OCH NÄBBMUSEN (The Birch Mouse and the Shrew)

FOR CHILDREN The Birchmouse and the Shrew  is a visually charming childerns performance. The play combines drawing and storytelling in an unique way. On tour and on our Studio stage. 


ALLT SOM ÄR UNDERBART (Every Brilliant Thing)

MONOLOGUE A touching, funny and intimate solo piece that charts the lengths we will go for those we love.Opening night on the Studio stage 3.10.2019 at 7 pm.


Snödrottningen (The Snow Queen)

DANCE H. C. Andersen's classic fairy tale as a multilingual dance saga. Re-opening night on the Main stage 10.12.2019 at 6 pm.


KVINNOR 3 (Women 3)

DRAMA About lifelong deception, perception and finding a new course. Three different life stories, that in some way are connected to each other. Opening night on the Studio stage 11.1.2020 at 6 pm.


Flame Jazz

MUSIC Jazz nights at Cafe Tiljan.
3d of May at 10 pm: Aaltonen-Kulhammar Union
4th of October at 10 pm: Nina Mya With Friends: Music of Burt Bacharach
22nd of November at 10 pm: Mopo 10 vuotta!


Mannerheim - mannen och myten (Mannerheim - the man and the myth)

DRAMA Two days in Marshal Mannerheims life. On the Studio stage 13.9.2019 at 7 pm and 14.9.2019 at 4 pm.


SEGLARJERRYSÅNGER (SailorJerry´s regret)

MUSIC American blues in swedish from Finland. Pekka Munsterhjelm, guitar, and Jerry Wahlforss, vocals, formed the band. They where later joined by Tapo Leppänen on drums and Johan Järf on bass. The band has released one EP on vinyl. On the Tiljan stage 28.9.2019 at 7 pm.



GUEST PERFORMANCE Josefina is a 70+ lady who refuses to give up her glitter. This time she shares her thoughts about getting older. And she sings, she sings in Finnish, Swedish, French and English. On the Tiljan stage 10.10.2019 at 7 pm and 12.10.2019 at 2 pm.


TACK FÖR DIN MUSIK: MARIE FREDRIKSSON (Thank You for the Music: Marie Fredriksson)

MUSIC After the autumn's success with three sold-out concerts at Åbo Svenska Teater, the popular Swedish duo Lise & Gertrud is back to pay tribute to the next stage artist, world star Marie Fredriksson. With two voices, a cello and a piano, Lise & Gertrud creates something authentic and personal. On the Main stage 19.10.2019 at 6 pm.


AXEL VON FERSENS CHARMKURS (Axel von Fersen´s charm school)

GUEST PERFORMANCE ”I saw the ladies and knew I’d have complete success, if I only wanted to”. Axel von Fersen’s life is full of remarkable adventures. In France he wins queen Marie Antoinette's heart, in America he becomes the translator of George Washington. Do you want to be like him? Axel von Fersen’s charm school is a funny evening with Caroline Donath, based on the count’s real diary. On the Tiljan stage 16.11.2019 at 6 pm.



MUSIC This year we are celebrating Nat King Cole with a brand new jazz combo, with some of the best jazz musicians in Finland: Mikko Mäkinen (saxophone, clarinet and flute) Ape Anttila (bass, guitar) Eliina Mäkiranta (piano) Sofia Finnilä (vocals) We are making our own versions of old Nat King Cole classics, such as Nature boy, Smile and L O V E. On the Studio stage 23.11.2019 at 6 pm.


HEMKOMSTEN (The Homecoming)

GUEST PERFORMANCE When the civil war in Finland broke out in January 1918, Albin, 24, joined the Red Guard. Only four months later, in May, the reds had suffered a devastating defeat, and Albin could not be found, neither among the fallen nor in prison camps. But late one night at the end of August, Albin's mother wakes up to a gentle knock on the door: "Who is it?" "It's me, Albin!" On the Studio stage 5.12.2019 at 6 pm.



MUSIC Tauro & Ahlfors - Visor för full hals  is a heartwarming and delightful concert containing Erna Tauro’s touching melodies and Bengt Ahlfors’ candid songs about lust and life. On stage: Minna Nyberg (vocals), Daniela Fogelholm (vocals), Emilie Adolfsson (vocals and piano) and the one and only Bengt Ahlfors as guest artist. The concert is in Swedish. On the Tiljan stage 7.12.2019 at 6 pm.


TEATERS JULKONSERT (The Theatre´s Christmas Concert)

MUSIC Get into the christmas spirit with the theatre´s traditional chritmas concert! On stage we'll see many familiar faces: Alexander Lycke, Markus Lytts, Jennie Storbacka and Birthe Wingren are accompanied on stage by Martin Sergerstråle with his trio, as well as the choir Amigo Choral. On the Main stage 21.12.2019 at 3 pm and 7 pm.



DANCE Klever Dance Company performs the production Framework from the Finnish award winning choreographer Kristian Lever on the Main stage 10.1.2020 at 19h00 and 11.1.2020 at 16h00.



BALLET The Russian National Ballet from Moscow performes Swan Lake. On the Main stage 13.3.2020 and 14.3.2010 at 19h30.



OPERETTA Candide’s plot, though relatively altered along the way by the number of librettists, still captures the main shape of the story, originated by Voltaire. The operetta projects the humor and realities across the times and is definitely talking to our hearts in the contemporary language. On the Main stage 3.4.2020-18.4.2020.